Packing List – Backpacking Europe

Here is my packing list that I had when traveling to Europe for one month and had only a backpacking pack to carry everything. Being a girl who loves clothing, this was a pretty difficult task but have basics that went together making it easier to get dressed when I was not really feeling like putting in effort during early mornings. Here is a moderate packing list. Anyone can do less for a minimal packing list or if you can fit more you can go for it but don’t forget you will go shopping abroad!

5 Tops, 3 bottoms, 4 dresses or skirts to start (I overpack a little but this is just a guideline for minimal packing for a month abroad traveling with just a backpack)



  • Yellow Tank
  • Blue v-neck short sleeve shirt
  • Green long sleeve v-neck
  • red floral flowy tank
  • Blue tank
  • Floral 3/4 Sleeve Shirt


  • striped short dress
  • orange midi dress
  • Black maxi skirt
  • Grey casual overalls


  • Black leggings
  • Nice black shorts
  • White high waisted shorts


  • One swimsuit
  • swimsuit cover


  • 2 Sleep sets


  • 1 rain jacket


  • 2 scarfs
  • 1 simple necklace
  • 1 Large purse for a carry-on
  • 1 small purse for daily travel
  • Converse
  • Small wedged sandals
  • Flats

Carry – On

  • Chargers (phone, camera, ect.)
  • 2 Books
  • Playing cards
  • Journal
  • Passport
  • Towel for showers


  • Blue long sleeve wrap shirt
  • Light pink shirt
  • Maroon skirt
  • Dark grey flowy shorts
  • Clear jelly shoes
  • Orange (going out) dress

Also, don’t forget to bring your bathroom essentials. My sister and I brought regular sized shampoo and conditioner but we split them up between our bags.

Somethings I wish I brought:

One of the main things I forgot was clothes to go out in. The dress codes for clubs in Europe aren’t too harsh but you might want to check their website just incase. I wore shorts and converse in one and then had to buy a dress for another.

Makeup was another problem for me. I only brought mascara and didn’t know I would probably want to wear some making up going out. I did a lot of borrowing but don’t go too overboard just simple makeup is the best.

I didn’t bring a warmer sweater and it got kind of chilly at night, on planes and trains so I had to buy a sweatshirt in one of our first cities and I used it quite often.

Another thing is that surprisingly it rained more than I thought. Make sure you are ready for that. Be prepared when you are walking and touring the city and check the weather before you travel to the next city.

*I used to help me pick what to wear.*

Sorry that was a long post. Hope it was helpful. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Packing List – Backpacking Europe

      • mws0 says:

        You’re so welcome! Yeah, I was wondering becuase I once had a sinilar plan but had bo idea how to go about it financially😯 So if you decide to do it I will be here patiently waiting😀


    • nikkidiez13 says:

      Hey! No they are from the source that I used to help me pack when I went.

      If your talking about how I picked the clothes I just went off the picture and added a few items.

      If your talking about how she organized and did that picture you can put outfits together and stuff like that on a website called polyvore.

      Hope that helped!


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