Weekend in Barcelona!

July 3 – July 6: 2015
The main reason I went to Barcelona was because a family member,  my dad’s cousin, was getting married. I have been looking forward to going for a long time now and it finally happened! Here are some things my sister, my boyfriend, and I enjoyed and some tips of what we learned while visiting the city.

Hostal Plaza Catelunya: This was a great hostel to stay at because it was a 5 minute walk from the Plaza de Catalunya, which is the main area known in Barcelona. There is tons of shopping and restaurants around. Also going down Les Rambres and Rambia de Catalunya are really pretty because they have trees going down the street. We got a room with an air conditioning unit (unplanned), which was really nice. They have good working wifi and a kitchen for people to cook and free water for anyone staying at the hostel. There are a group of guys that work there and they are very friendly and helpful. They also had to easiest check-in process that I have had at a hostel. Loved it.

Catedral: On Friday we were walking to a bar to meet up with family and we passed by the cathedral not even knowing it was there. It was very beautiful and had a antique market that was right next to it. We had time to kill so we just walked around. I’m pretty sure you can go in for free but we just stayed outside and took a few pictures. Most of the people there were sitting on the steps right outside of the cathedral and eating ice cream from the near buy shops.
Park Güell: I was most excited to see this attraction because of the art and the view of Barcelona. We went on Sunday, (which I heard you can get free tickets if you are a student) but because we woke up pretty late from partying at the wedding till morning hours we got there around 1 or 2ish in the afternoon so they only had tickets starting at 4pm left. So make sure you either buy tickets online or go early if you want to get in.  Unfortunately, we were only able to see the outside of the Guadi Museum but it was still really awesome to be there and look at his art even from afar.
P.S: You have to walk up a huge hill and luckily there are escalators because it would be impossible otherwise. Also, I was in flip flops so bring good walking shoes like converse or something that would not be easy to slip off or get gravel in because that is all that is on the ground once you get into the park.
Sagrada Familia: We went right after the Park Güell so we were already pretty tired but the metro lets you off right next to the building so you just have to cross the street and look up. Because I’m so clumsy and was wearing flip flops there is a small step down from the metro and I didn’t see it so I couldn’t catch my self and I felt right on my bum. OWCH! Again, bring good shoes and watch your step 🙂 We walked around the building looking at the amazing architecture and in case you didn’t know they are still building it so there is going to be scaffolding. Fortunately,  it doesn’t take away too much from the building and its beauty.
Barceloneta Beach: This was our favorite part of the trip by far. This is probably the most popular beach in Barcelona. Its open to anyone and has many restaurants and shops on the boardwalk. Yes, there are quite a few people but if you go early afternoon you can get a white umbrella for the entire day for 8 euros. It is best to get an umbrella because it gets very hot during the day. The water is amazing! It is very refreshing from being in the heat and good to jump in as soon as you get there. (P.S: don’t look toward or speak to the people selling things or they will come over to you. If they do come up to you just say no and sometimes you will have to say it more than once but they will go away).


Ciudad Condal: This was the first place we ate. We decided since there were alot of people, it was big, and had an outdoor terrace it had to be good. We walked in and they had tapas laying out on the bar that looked quite delicious. We got a table in a small upstairs terrace inside. It was nice and air conditioned. We got some great sandwiches of lomo and jamón. They weren’t large just for a small bit to eat before we got to the hostel. They have plates of the day and the black rice looked amazing. The pricing was pretty good as well.
Sagardi Bar: Great bar. The sangria was very good and the taps were as well. I recommend this bar for drinks and food for anyone who goes. Had a nice location and about 10 from the beach.

— Shopping on Placa de Catalunya
— Wedding
— Antique Market by the Cathedral
— Farmers Market by Barceloneta beach

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