I have been spending this month in Madrid and the best thing to do when abroad is to check out their fashion. Every year they always have huge July sales at every store. The most visited store that my sister and I go to is Zara. In the states it can be pretty expensive but because Zara is actually a Spanish company it is so much cheaper to buy clothes here so we go a little crazy. On top of the good prices in the country they have the sales and the most expensive item I bought was for 25.00 euros, which is around 30.00 dollars. Here are some pictures of the new clothes that we bought. (I will put where we got them below). Hope you like it. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Yellow top, white and black top, blue paisley dress and crop tie top – Stradivarius

Pink dress linen pants, halter fringe top, suede tank, and army green shorts – ZARA

White maxi skirt and navy espadrillas – Flea Market of Majadahonda,Spain

Purple strappy sandals – Old Navy

Brown Birkenstocks

Grey converse


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