If you get a rose… I’ll get a rose…

I am a wine lover but my favorite is rosé. I have been trying out different kinds of rose wines while abroad and what I have tried so far have been pretty good. Here is a review of some rosé and other wines that I have tried during my trip in Spain.

1. Millflores Rosé 2014 (Spanish) – I really like this one. It was smooth and of course sweet tasting. I mostly picked this one because I tried the red at home and I liked it as well. If your looking for a good rosé I recommend this one. (Around 5 euros)


2. Lambrusco Amamile Rosato (Italian) – This was a fun drink. It is a rosé wine but with bubbles. It went great with the lasagna and salad we had for dinner. Best 2 Euros spent.


3.Lambrusco Emilia Rosato (Italy)- This one was very similar to the one above. It was a rosé with fizz but I thought this one was better than the other one. Great refreshing drink after a long hot walk downtown in Madrid.


4. Lolea (N.3 & N.1) – This was by far the best drink we had there. Both of these are already mixed sangrias. I had the red first, which was good but after I had the white I didn’t go back. The white was amazing when chilled and some strawberries added. You can buy either of these in the gourmet section at El Corte Inglés. Unfortunately they are not available in the United States but you can order it online and get it shipped to you. They are a bit more expensive but so worth it!


-Nikki ❤


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