Life Updates.

Well, here I am back on my blog. This last year was so busy and blogging was no longer a priority of mine but now that it is the summer and I have some time on my hands I wanted to put more effort in a blogging again.

Here are some small life updates:

I have one more semester at University and I will graduate in December! Not sure about my plans after that other than traveling to London for new years with my boyfriend and some close friends.

I’m about to finish my internship at Jan Strimple Productions. I was the Assistant Fashion Show Producer for this last Spring season. What a great growing and learning experience for me as a student but also as a adult. Can’t wait to use what I absorbed during that time.

At the moment, I am lying in a hammock right off the beach in the Dominican Republic. My family and I will be vacationing here for a week and we are already tired from our first day. (So much sun & sand!)

Last thing, I got bangs! Everyone tells me I just look like a kid but a really like them and glad I got them. That’s all the matters right?

So I hope I keep this up and active through the the summer and this coming year. Stay tuned 🙂


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