Tarifa, Spain

Last summer my family and I went to our family reunion and what was almost as good as being with family was being able to travel abroad for it! If you have never been to Spain my advice to you is that you should defiantly go. One of the best places for beach activities is Tarifa. The thing this city is known for is windsurfing. It’s a small city and not hugely developed yet so its not insanely crowded like Barcelona would be.

We spent about a week there and everyday was at the beach. We went to quite a few of them and if you look out past the coast you can see Africa because it is right off the Strait of Gibraltar! (Pretty cool huh? Well, I thought so!)

The closest to where we stayed was Playa Valdevaqueros & Playa Dos Mares. These beach is the best for kite & windsurfing. If you want to go swim in the water you need to stay caseous of the surfers.

The next beach we went to was Playa Punta Paloma. This beach is great to just take a picnic lunch and hangout all day! They also have some grand sand dunes which is where we took the picture above at.

My favorite and last beach we went to was Playa Bolonia. This is probably the most popular beach in Tarifa. There is normally a line when driving in to get a parking spot so I would recommend staying the day too and getting there early.

At night the downtown area is pretty hopping in the summer. There are narrow ways between each of the buildings. There is great dining places and bars/clubs to go to at night. During the day, if you want to learn how to windsurf or ever take a tour to Morocco you can! Also, there are a few shops to go to.

Overall, it was a great week and will definitely be remembered.

Here are some pictures from the trip…


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