Dominican Republic Trip

Hola Wanderers!

I have never been the South America, but I always wanted to and this summer I was finally able to go! We visited three main cities: Caberete + Puerto Plata + Santiago.

During the first week of May, my family and I went to a beach house located on the north side of the Dominican Republic. For both, on & off seasons here are some great eating places and activities to do in the Dominican.

Stay: We got to stay at a beach house right on Playa Caberete. It has such a great view of the ocean and is perfectly convenient for days on the beach.

Eat: We mostly cooked our lunches and dinners, which was great because all the food at the grocery stores in town are so fresh! BUT…when we did eat out we drove downtown, which was about a 10 min drive from the house, we ate on restraunts located right on the beach. Our favorite place to eat was Onno’s Bar. They have the best caribbean shrimp dish in an amazing sauce. We also liked the Pomodoro Pizzeria & Casa Papi.

Beaches:We visited about 4 different beaches throughout our stay, each of them very different from the next.

  1. Playa Caberete: Located right outside & the one we spent most of our time.
    • Larger waves
    • More of a current which was perfect for wind & kitesurfing! (We went boogie boarding)
    • Horseback riding is available on this beach
  2. Playa Puerto Plata: Located closer downtown
    • There is a small island off shore with a large statue of Neptune.
    • The water is very clear & calm
    • Lots of bars/ restaurants to eat at nearby
  3. Playa Grande: Just stopped by this place but super nice
    • Very clear waters with small waves
    • Next to a cliff with jungle like trees and birds flying around.
    • Has a great hangout + restaurant area with showers by the parking lot to rinse off sand.
  4. Playa Sosua: This beach was recommended to us and man was it spot on. It was my favorite beach and we ended up spending all day there.
    • Water is crystal clear
    • You can buy/rent snorkeling gear (there is a reef very close to the coast with tons of fish!)
    • Restaurants are right on the beach and have lounge chairs on the beach you can use and they will serve you drinks and food right on the beach. (My recommendation is going to El Toro Rojo or Los Veleros, which are located next to each other about halfway down the beach from the entrance.)
    • There are many activities here such as: Banana boat rides, tubing & glass bottom boat tours.
    • This area is more developed and the most popular. If you get there early you will get good parking and a good spot on the beach.


  1. Laguna Dudu: This was one of my favorite places to go and do activities.
    • It a large lagoon that you can zip-line into or cliff jump into.
    • You can roam around cool caves
    • There is another lagoon you can swim around in
    • This is such a great place for fun and relaxation

Here are some pictures of our travels: Enjoy!





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