Summer Haul – Top 10 Items

Hey Sun-kissed beings,

Summer is almost over and University is about to start back up again. (Congrats to all graduating this year, we’re almost done! ) I have bought a few things, by a few I mean quite a bit, this summer. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Most are clothes but I have shoe, decor, makeup & book favs too. Enjoy!

  1.  High-waist Drapey Short (Banana Republic) – I love these so much! They go with everything and are very light and airy, which is very important for a Texan like myself. IMG_3779
  2. Rinse Wash Flare Jean (Banana Republic) – These are my new favorite jeans. They are perfect for any occasion, day time or going out. I get complements on them all the time and the fit is amazing. They are snug in just the right places and are stretchy for movement. I just love them! (P.S: they are pretty long so if you are shorter they will look great on you but all you have to do is go to a tailor.)   IMG_3766
  3. ColorFlo Mineral Foundation – Susan Posnick is from Dallas, Texas and her makeup is seriously great. I bought the stick so it’s portable.  If you would like to get samples of her stuff, go to her website and press the samples tab to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Normally I break out from the foundations I try and I swear this stuff helped my skin clear up. IMG_3775
  4. Gretchen Quarter Strap Sandals (Target)- I have worn these all summer! I was looking for some great day/night time platforms and Target hit it right on the nose. They are so comfortable to walk in all day or night. Best buy!IMG_3771
  5. Tiered Ruffle Dress (Banana Republic) – I had to buy a black dress for an event I had to go to so it was a fast buy but I fell in love with it. It such a versatile dress plus it’s black so you can wear it when and with whatever you want!IMG_3781
  6. New Sloan-Fit Garment-Dye Utility Ankle Pant (Banana Republic) – I got these pants for super cheap in the store and they caught my eye because of the color and the large pockets that are outlined. Super comfortable and stretchy too.IMG_3770
  7. Inessa Sneaker (ShoesDazzle!) – I’m not sure if you can open the link or view it without being a member but I did it just in case. White sneakers are very “in fashion” at the moment and I’m so glad I purchased these to wear during the summer. Plus, they have a cute twist with the black sequins on the back.IMG_3762
  8. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Barnes & Noble) – Of course I had to buy this book! #thatsall
  9. The Girls by Emma Cline (Barnes & Noble)- Many of my friends were reading this book and I also kept seeing it when I visited my local B&N store. I took it as a sign and bought it. I’ll let you know how it is.
  10. Marble Frame (Magnolia Market) – I was not able to find the frame on the website but you should defiantly check out their website because everything is so cute! If you are not familiar with Magnolia Market it located at the Silos in Waco, Texas and owned by Chip and Joanna Gains from HGTV’s Fixer Upper show. It was so fun to visit and shop at the place that means so much to them. IMG_3757


That’s it! Hope you liked the post. Stay Stylish!



P.S: I work at Banana Republic if you were wondering why I purchase so much there. But its not that I only work there I really do love their clothing. If you haven’t gone into one lately you should walk around and see if it’s you think and let me know what you think? Would you buy BR clothes?


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