Backpacking on a Budget

Hi Readers + Fellow Bloggers,

When I went on my backpacking trip it was difficult to stay within a daily budget when all you want to do is splurge like the inner rich girl we all wish we are. Well, at least this is how I felt. On some days, there were hard decisions to make like buying a cute top or finally eating a full meal! These were some difficult decisions and in this post I won’t be able to help you to make these decisions any easier but to prioritize spending what you have.

Below is a summary of what I spent on this trip, which was 1 month long. (Please don’t take the prices too seriously they are not exact.)

  • Flight – Around $1,400 for a round trip
  • Eurorail 1 Month Pass – $650 – $700 (Global Eurorail for 15 days + under 26 yrs. old)
  • Hostels for whole stay – $300 to $400 dollars. We booked each hostel in advance of leaving the States. This was cheaper and relaxing to know you had a bed to sleep in when you arrived to your destination city. (We did have free lodging for about a week and a half of this trip)
  • Food, shopping, emergencies, etc. – $500 to $600

Total = around $3000

I know this isn’t very exact but there is always a lot of wiggle room when different people are planning trips. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about taking this kind of excursion. Again, the hostels were a big save for us. Also, we ate small meals and shared with each other when we could. We only had a few nights to lavishly spending and it was mostly on desserts and alcohol/going out.

I learned a lot during this backpacking adventure and posted about it in my Travel Tips post. Check it out!





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