London bound + Amsterdam Trip

So new year, new me! I am now in London and starting my internship tomorrow. I have been here since the end of December taking a small vacation before life and work hits. My boyfriend got us an trip to Amsterdam for Christmas and we were there for 5 days after the new year. We got a deal on for round trip flights and stay at the Alfred Hotel for 4 nights. For that package it was around $450, which is a great deal!

We both had been to Amsterdam before so we walked around A LOT, went to museums we missed the first time, and really enjoyed the city around us and the food it offered! If any of you travel there you have to go to the restaurant called Upstairs Pannenkoeken. It is the best thing! They open at noon so I recommend getting there when they open because they have limited sitting and fill up quickly.

Back to London, the main reason I moved here was because of my boyfriend who is studying at King’s college. He started in September and we’re doing the long distance thing till I arrived. We survived!


He has been showing me around the city and all it offers, which included ice skating at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. I had been to London before but only for two days so being able to really see the city for the amount of time I’ve been here has been wonderful. I do miss home and the warming sun it comes with but it ain’t too bad here. The cold can be annoying at times but it hasn’t been to horrible.

I got to finally go to the V&A museum and see the Undressed exhibition. I also want to see You Say You Want a Revolution exhibition they have at the moment but I need to buy tickets a head of time because they are always sold out the day of. Also, this museum is free entree and on Fridays they stay open longer!

I hope to actually stay updated on my blog this year! Let me know if you want an specific posts about my move or where I have been or maybe even what I brought with me clothing wise. Not sure what posts to start with! I’ll keep internship updates as well. (Should be pretty fun once Fashion Week draws near!)




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