Eats + Shops + Walks: SOHO

Hey hey hey!

I’m starting a series of posts that will consist of my favorite places to eat, shop, and see in particular neighborhoods in London. The first one is SOHO!!

Eats: If you want to spend a whole day in Soho I have just the places for you.

  1. Crosstown Doughnut – This is a great place to start off your day. They have some great quirky donuts, my favorite being the matcha donut, and whatever morning drink you fancy. I didn’t end up getting a drink but I would have ordered the soy chai latte. (Next time!) It is a small space but super cute and very yummy.20170122_131116.jpg
  2. Yumchaa – If you would like to go to a adorable place for tea or coffee I differently recommend this place. They make all their tea from tea leaves and you can even buy tea leaves there! Don’t worry they have food too for you to snack on and great comfy couches downstairs. It’s a great place to study, read, or just chill for however long you like.
  3. Vapiano – This is a chain Italian restaurant but it doesn’t make it any less than it is, which is amazing! Just the concept of receiving your food makes it exciting. You go up to a counter with a cook on the other side and they cook what you want right in front of you! The ingredients are so fresh and you can really customize your order to how you want.
  4. Kingly Court – It’s a little hidden but if you look it up you should be able to find it. It’s right off of Carnaby Street and if you find the Vans store just walk all the way to the back and go out the other end… and WA-LA you made it! Favorite places to eat at the moment are Dirty Bones on the 3rd floor or Shoryu Ramen, which is on floor level.

Shops: Soho has everything you need and more… I think there are about FIVE Zara’s in the area so that’s all I ever need. Most/all of the shopping is on the outer edge streets.

  1. Oxford Street – This is the Northern border of Soho. You can find anything from Swarovski to New Look. By the way there are two Zara stores on this street… I just love them.snapchat-343810173.jpg
  2.  Regent Street – This is street is always busy with shoppers. Some top stores I like on this street are… Zara, of course, Zara Home, Anthropologie, Uniqlo, Karen Millen, & Other Stores. I could name more but you get the picture. Everything you need is probably down that street… except for food. (You might find some coffee or tea but it’s pricey.)20161228_173012.jpg
  3. Carnaby Street – They have great stores specifically makeup stores such as: Benefit, Pixi, Urban Decay, and Mac. Also, if you are a fan of Brandy Melville they have one here!


Walks: The best places to walk is either down the shopping streets or getting lost in the smaller roads in the middle of Soho. My boyfriend and I found a Chipotle… let’s just say we were excited.

  1. Liberty London – If you are in the area you have to walk inside of Liberty. It is an amazing department store that has everything you can imagine! Plus, the building is iconic.
  2. Soho Square Gardens – On warmer or sunny days this might be a great place to sit and soak up the sun. For me, this has not happened yet because I hate the cold and it hasn’t been warm enough, but when it does I will definitely stop to smell the roses.
  3. Architecture – Coming from America every building looks so majestic to me so just walking around and looking up is exciting for me. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of them. They hold so much history!


Welp, that is it. Hope you enjoyed the read. Be back soon with the next neighborhood for eats + shops + walks. Till next time…




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