London Fashion Week – palmer//harding

Hello Readers,

These last couple of weeks have been insane because of London Fashion Week, which was held in the middle of February. I was able to participate in the action because I have been working with the palmer//harding designers, Levi Palmer & Matthew Harding. It has been such an incredible experience and it keeps getting better. They launched their label in 2012 so they are quite young but they are really getting recognized for their amazing shirts. Because they are a newer label they produce their shows/presentation in house, which is where I came in. Helping out with this season’s debut was such a learning experience.

Here are some pictures that I would like to share of backstage, runway, and presentation pictures I took during the day. Press the link if you would like to see the pictures Vogue took and read the vogue runway review.

P.S: Heading to Paris tomorrow for showroom!! Post next week with pictures ❤




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