Eats +Shops + Walks: Le Marais, Paris

Bonjour readers,

I recently came back from a week and a half of working in the palmer//harding showroom via Paris. Most days consisted of staying indoors, dressing models during appointments, going to the grocery store, and then consuming everything we bought in one night but I did get to venture out to some really cool places. Let’s get started!

Eats: I could go on forever talking about how good these places are. Trust me and just go. Both places are about 18 to 20 Euros per dish. These places can be for your “Treat Yourself” night.

  1. Ave Maria1 Rue Jacquard, 75011 Paris, France: This was one of the best restaurants I have been in a long while. They have big portions and no matter what you get, it’s amazing. It is Brazilian themed and both meat and vegetarian options. I got the Hakunah Matata, which was oven roasted chicken with a salad, and basmati rice. This was so good and the peanut sauce really made it taste over ordinary. My bosses have been many times and they have tried all of them and you can’t go wrong with any of them. This places can get pretty crammed so I suggest to plan ahead. 
  2. Le Petit Marché, 9 Rue de Béarn, 75003 Paris, France: This place is mostly French but with an Asian twist. This restaurant has great character and the walls were dressed with pictures of women. Each of us went for a starter and a main dish. I got the shiitake mushroom, which was quite good and for my main dish I got the lamb and it was out of this world. It was so tender and the sauce they put under it was supreme. If you are even more adventurous the duck and plantain dish is very popular but I am bias with what I got. Lastly, I got the pistachio dessert and it was heavenly. Note: call before and reserve at 7:30pm or else you will be waiting in a line if you go later. Or arrive at 7 to 7:30 when the crowed has not arrived yet. Also, they are normally closed mid day so check the hours before you head out.

Shops: In the area around Rue de Francs Bourgeois the streets are filled with shops. Most of the shopping in this area are more expensive then your regular high street shops. Also, other than clothes most of the places below are great locations to find the best food, bread, chocolate, and l’éclaires.

  1. Monoprix, Rue de Saint-Antoine: This is the best grocery store around. It has everything from clothes to food to tights to packaging tape. You can find whatever you need if you. They have a great selection of veggies and fruits.20170303_124735.jpg
  2. Miss Manon, Rue de Saint-Antoine: This is the best place to get a fresh baguette as well as croissants. My favorite was the almond croissant.wp-1489273560877.jpg
  3. Maison Georges Larnicol, Rue de Rivoli: If you have a big sweet tooth you won’t want to miss this place. They have all types of chocolate and I recommend the praline truffles. It can get a little pricey if you go too crazy but a little goes a long way.wp-1489276803231.jpg
  4. L’eclaire de Génie, 14 Rue Pavée: They have the best l’éclaires but each one is around 6 euros but i promise you it is worth it. The salted caramel was the group favorite but  my favorite was the pistachio.


Walks: Wondering Paris is the best part about visiting because you can find the best places by accident. Not only are these 2 roads perfect for that this area is close to the river so you can walk along it and see the Notre Dame.

  1. Rue de Francs Bourgeois/Rambuteau: On this street there are tones of shops, cafés, creperies, and museums. If you walk along this road you will see the Uniqlo I spoke about. Also, if you wonder around other rounds the Picasso museum is close and the Pompidou. If you arrive at the Pompidou on Rue de Rambuteau there is a shopping center that has a Sephora, which are non existent in the UK so we were pretty excited to find one.20170304_124523.jpg
  2. Rue de Saint-Antoine/Rivoli: This street is great for pictures. It’s very open and in the center of all the shops and commotion there is a large church that is open most of the time. Walking up and down these street you feel like a true Parisian. There are many wine and cheese shops along this street, which we found was the best things to do on nights in. The best cheeses we had were Saint Félicien, a great soft cheese, and Comté, which was a really good hard cheese. Lastly, don’t forget to look up at the gorgeous buildings when your walking by them.


Hope you find this helpful if you are ever in Paris roaming around. Keep watch for the next Eats + Shops + Walks. I think I’m going to Shoreditch next. Here are some fun pictures of my travels. Au Revior!




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