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Hallo Readers,

I haven’t done a beauty section on my blog before but I have been getting into some great products lately and have really seen a difference in my skin since I have used these products so I wanted to share with all you! In this post you can also see a little into what I do for my every day routine.

In recent days I have used my insufficient funds to buy these fabulous beauty products…



La Roche-Posay: I bought these while I was in Paris last week and feel in love with them. I have oily skin and some scars and this duo has really minimized these two factors. If you live in the UK you can shop these items in pharmacies + Superdrug.

  1. Serozinc: This is a face spray and it’s used as a toner for oily skin. It is also good to soothe razor burns and any skin irritation. I use this at night after washing my face. It really helps to reduce redness and breakouts.
  2. Effaclar Duo: After I apply the Serozinc and let it dry, I use this serum to help heal my breakouts and imperfections. This is a great last step to apply all over the face and leave in over night to let it work it’s magic!


Suneeta Cosmetics: All of these products are natural, handmade, and at a great price. I bought these at the Brick Lane Market in Shoreditch that occurs every Sunday. (Most all the products contain nuts so please do not use these if you have an allergy!)

  1. Mango Lime Rosemary Hand + Body Cream: This was the first thing I picked up because of how amazing it smells! It’s a great nourishing cream and makes your skin glow and look healthy by the natural oils that are in the ingredients.wp-1489430927718.jpg
  2. Orange Blossom + Aloe Vera Skin Toner: I have been looking for a toner and pretty set on buying the Pixi Glow Toner but this sample size was 1 pound, so I thought I would try it out. I put this on in the morning after cleansing. With the ingredients inside it helps to reduce redness and oiliness during the day, which is very helpful because I normally wear little to no makeup.wp-1489431002148-e1489431219161.jpg
  3. Detoxifying Face Mask: I am a little bit obsessed with masks at the moment. It might just be me jumping on the bandwagon but I think they are so fun and there are so many different types! Anyway, this one was a little disappointing. I feel like my pores were larger than before (is that how is it works/suppose to happen?) and it was very tough to take off. Might try again and see if it was just first try problems. wp-1489430839219.jpg

Next in line is trying the L’Oreal clay masks! Do you have any beauty favorites you always use?

Thanks for the read. Till next time, Guten Tag!






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