What to Wear in Europe: Summer Edition

Hi Wanderers!

In my Travel Tips post I mentioned it is best to blend in and to follow/research the fashion in each country before you visit. In this post I have elaborated and will show some examples of what my friends and I wore, while backpacking and exploring through Europe. We took the Euro-rail to many countries, some fashion was more relaxed than others.

The following pictures are not current, summer of 2014 to be exact, so I have linked a few trend driven options for this coming summer. Also, many outfits are repeated in these pictures because we were living out of our backpacks for a month! It was nice to have friends you could share clothes with though.

UK (London + Nottingham): London is such an expressive city. You can pretty much wear whatever you want. You can go for that hipster vibe look, be a little more grungy, or have a crisp and clean look. We wore shorts with blouses, overalls, and always had a cardigan on hand. Black is a friendly color in this city but adding a pop of color or some floral print will really pull that summer look together.

Paris, France: Paris is always a good idea and so is dressing up a bit more than usual. The best things to wear in France are dresses, skirts, nice tops, summer/linen scarves, and don’t forget stripes! I’m happy to say I was approached by an older lady who spoke French to me, thinking I was French. Goals!

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Most everyone here is wearing really casual summer-wear like shorts, tanks, and converse. I saw converse everywhere! I brought mine with me on this trip and felt like I fit in. It is quite warm in this city but gets cooler at night and I ended up having to buy a sweater, so you might want to keep one on-hand if you plan on being out later.

Antwerp, Brussels: We only stopped here for one day and during those 24 hours it was raining. We were told it was sunny all day the day before! Summer is unpredictable in Europe so don’t forget to always have a good raincoat or umbrella with you.

Berlin, Germany: Germany was quite warm and had similar dress to the Netherlands + Brussels. It took us 24 hours and nine trains to get there but it was worth it in the end. We made the world cup finals in Berlin and it was such a fun night! Again, at night it did get a bit chilly and, you guessed it, it was raining.

Vienna, Austria: This was one of my favorite cities! It was so beautiful no matter where you went. It was also very warm. We stopped by a fountain that was spraying everywhere because of the wind to try and cool off from the heat. A nice sundress or some nice summertime trousers and sandals are perfect for this city!

Venice, Italy: What an amazing city! We arrived for the Redentore Festival, which consisted of 40 minutes of fireworks right over the water, next to Piazza San Marco. It was also very warm so some cute shorts, tank, and good walking shoes will be perfect!

Italy (Rome + Vatican): Look it was raining, AGAIN! While in this city we tried to be conservative and knowing that we would be going to the Vatican. When entering the Vatican you have to have your knees and shoulders covered. If you don’t, they will not let you in. A maxi shirt, short sleeve shirt, and a nice cardigan will be very useful here.

Florence, Italy: We had some crazy days before we ended up in Florence and only had one night and two days here. This was our resting city so we spent most of our time poolside out in the mountains at our lovely hostel. Loungewear was great to have for our chill days.

Spain (Barcelona + Madrid): It was so nice to be in Spain, being part Spanish and visiting often, it felt just like home. In Barcelona we went out to a fancy club that was right off the beach and there was a dress code, so if you are ever thinking about going out don’t forget to check their page on what to wear. Madrid is super casual so anything can fly really. It is very warm in Madrid during the summer so make sure to keep that in mind when packing!

Travel days: On traveling or train days make sure to carry a cardigan or sweater that is easily accessible because the trains can get a bit chilly. I always wore my comfiest clothes and shoes while traveling. If you are backpacking and traveling by train you spending a lot of hours sitting down. I think when traveling in uncomfortable clothing can ruin your experience but you don’t have to wear pajamas. There are tons of clothes these days that can help you accomplish the comfy and cute look.

If you are wondering about what I packed in my backpack for this trip check out my Packing List post.

Hope this post found you well and was informative. Let me know what you think. Next up… a haul post! Thanks for reading.

Peace + Love ❤






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    • nikkidiez13 says:

      Thank youuu! Basic black and white stripe dresses are the best to have while traveling, they go with anything and can fit into any city you travel to. Thanks for reading. xox


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