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Last week the new Netflix series called Girlboss came out and I have been waiting to see it since LAST YEAR, when I heard they were making a series inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s book, Girlboss. Sophia was the creator of Nasty Gal and she started her company from selling vintage clothing on her Ebay site.


Rating: 5/5

5 Things I Loved About Girlboss:
  1. Inspirational: This series really is inspiration to young women, & men, and really anyone figuring out what to do with their life. It truly made me want to get out there and do something with my life, not that I’m not doing that now, but to try harder and really work for it. You can use this attitude in any part in your life whether it’s with your job, with school, with a hobby, with eating healthier, or even working out. At the beginning of this season she says, “Adulthood is where dreams go to die.”, and throughout the whole series she really proves that to be wrong. tumblr_oou0dgRL401vhslgqo1_500
  2. Style: Watching this series really gets you in the fashion mood. This show’s costume was done so well, as was the early 2000’s references but you will have to find those yourself. I love how she expresses herself through her clothes and you can see what one piece can stand for in a particular moment. 92a81880-250a-11e7-b17c-c1242367b6bf_boss
  3. Friendship: Her friendship with her bestie, Annie is so refreshing. Most shows I have watched recently, like 13 Reasons Why, have failed friendships, and that can get a little sad and depressing to watch. Annie & Sophia really support each other and work things out when it gets tough. Love that!
  4. Live life to the Fullest: In this show, Sophia is 23 and, just turning that age, I now have a new outlook after seeing this show. She is so alive and does what she wants. I have to agree with her in saying, I don’t want to be a boring adult either, who does?! Can’t wait to add more to my everyday!tumblr_ootav4w3N41tiqil8o7_r1_400
  5. Know What You’re Shit’s Worth: This lesson I took from Sophia herself. I don’t think this saying is just about clothes but about life as well. Clothing wise, I think you do really need to know what you clothes are worth. Yes, being in trend is cool in all but sometimes it’s nice to have those pieces that are classic, forever, and really worth the money you paid for. Life wise, I think you should know that your worth it, so go out there and do whatever it is you have set your mind to do!200

Trailer: Check out the trailer if you want or just go watch it right now, whichever you prefer.

I have no shame in saying I watched this in two days. It’s very entertaining and has great character development and such a fun storyline. If you are stuck and don’t know what to watch on Netflix I definitely recommend this show. Binge away!

Peace + Love ❤





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