100 Followers + Top 5 Best Concerts

Hola Wanderers,

I am so excited to say I have reach that 100 followers goal! That came by quickly and I could not be more excited for my blog and the support from all other blogs/bloggers these past few months. I can’t wait to write and share more with you. Thanks for liking, commenting, and following, couldn’t have done it with out you. Much love. ❤


Anyway… Here is a random post on my top 5 favorite concerts. I’m a little bit obsessed with all things music and going to see my favorite bands/artists is one of my favorite hobbies, other than traveling. It’s always such an experience and also a great time to bond with friends + family. Starting from number 5 to my absolute favorite, number 1.

5. Sam Smith (2015): Wow, was he amazing in real life! I wish he could just sing me to sleep every night. He did an acoustic version of Latch and it was seriously beautiful. It was also great to see him in a smaller venue before he really took off and won a grammy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 7.48.39 PM

4. Foster the People: I traveled with my dad, brother and four of his friends to Oklahoma to see them! I wish there was standing space because it was all by seats, which was kind of annoying and it didn’t feel like a true concert to me, but when they started singing and the lights went crazy it didn’t matter anymore. I freaked out when they played Helena Beat!

3. Imagine Dragons (2013): Okay, so these last three are more of a tie but I had to put them in some sort of order. This was one of my first real concerts. We got up close enough to the stage to get a great view of Dan. It was so hot and sticky, because you know… Texas, but it was the most amazing concert ever! Dan was awesome, as always, and we got to see them when touring for their first album before they got too popular, and man was it fabulous!

2. Young the Giant (2014 & 2016): Now, if you haven’t heard of these guys you should listen to them right now! Luckily, I found a friend in college who was just as obsessed as I was with them, maybe even more, so we never missed them when they came to town. Sameer is my love. ❤ He has a voice of an angel.


  1. Coldplay (2016): Chris, Chris, Chris. He pulls the heart strings. Story behind this concert is… I arrived to venue with my sister and two of her friends with a small headache and thinking it would go away soon. Little did I know it would get so bad I though I was going to be sick, my head was throbbing, and I started crying when calling my parents and asking them to pick me up. My sister and her friends, being the nurses they are, said there had to be a first aid station around somewhere. I walked around the whole stadium and ended up finding it right behind where we were standing. After being in horrible pain for an hour and the concert starting, the medic-man gave me hard core pain meds so I would finally fell better! After that fiasco and crying again because I felt so relived to be there, it was the best concert and moment of my life. SO WORTH IT!!



What was your favorite concert to go to?! Is there a story behind it?

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks again for supporting and reading.

Peace + Love ❤





17 thoughts on “100 Followers + Top 5 Best Concerts

  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    Congratulations on the milestone!
    I bet those were fun concerts to go to!
    I’m a little older than you, so my musical tastes are older, as well. But I Went to Journey last year – I’ve seen them twice and they put on a good show. Saw REO Speedwagon a while back too.

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