Shop With Me: Zara Wishlist + OOTD

Hello Wanderers,

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time at Westfield mall, window shopping mostly, and thought I would bring you with me. Here are my favorite items I found at Zara. I will link the items and link similar products below.

Also, here is I wore to go shopping. I got a Gap jumpsuit for my birthday and love how flow-y and comfortable it is. I have been wanting to wear my Banana Republic crop tank and thought I could just layer it over. The ease of this outfit continued by putting my hair in a messy bun (put it down for the picture hehe), whipping on only mascara, and popping on my tennis shoes. With the city warming up and a little sun peeking through it was great solo shopping trip. I’m pretty happy with this outfit outcome and wow was I comfy!


When I went shopping I was mostly looking for some holiday/vacation dresses. Here are the 3 dresses I liked the most:

  1. Strappy Dress w/ Lace-up Back: This dress is perfect for any summer day. It’s high at the front and low and strappy on the back. I am 5’8″ and it hit me right about the ankles. It’s right between a maxi and and midi length. Loved the feel of the fabric. It was substantial and light weight, not cheap feeling at all, and the straps were thick and supportive. The front was pretty plain so I would definitely add a cool necklace to it to style it up. (Size S)20170511_142216
  2. Dress w/ Lace-up Front: I normally don’t wear this color because I feel like it washes me out, but during the summer when I get a bit more color to my skin I like to wear it. This dress makes for a perfect beach look. You can wear this as a dress, as a swimsuit cover-up, or as a tunic over jeans. So many options! Not only does it have a low v-neck in the front it mirrors it in the back. I would pair this with colorful statement earrings for sure. (Size S)20170511_141953
  3. Printed Tunic w/ Knot: Now this dress is number one on my wishlist on my phone notes. I love everything about this dress. It casual, easy, and smart looking. You can dress it down for a day time look with tennis shoes or dress it up with some great sandals. The knot gives lovely attention and detail to a regular shirt dress and the stripes with floral are high on trend this season. (Size XS)20170511_141752

Similar to #1: this, this, this, this & this

Similar to #2: this & this with front lace-up, this without front lace-up

Similar to #3: this & this with knot, this, this & this without knot

OOTD link: similar jumpsuit but the exact one might still be in stores.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what you have on your wishlist for the summer and I would love to check it out. Thanks for coming on my Zara try on and shopping day. Have a great weekend.

Peace + Love ❤





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