Park Day in London

Olá Readers,

The first thing that comes to most Londoner’s mind when a sunny day comes around, in a normally gloomy and rainy city, is spend the day at the park. There have actually been some nice days here lately in London and the best way to spend them is outside taking in the sun and vitamin d.

Getting out of usual crappy weather makes me really happy so when this happens I put on some tennis, comfortable clothes, and grab a book, frisbee, or a soccer ball, and head to my nearest or preferred park. I try to take in as much sun as I can! I have been spending most days like these at St.James Park but some other great parks are Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, and Green Park. Bringing a group of friends or a significant other along will add for some great company too.

Recently, some friends and I did just that! We bought a frisbee from Lillywhites and headed to St. James park. We got the frisbee stuck in a tree twice, which I think we enjoyed more then passing it around. We found a large space to run, take off our shoes, and feel the grass between the toes. We are definitely doing it again very soon. Crossing my fingers it’s sunny and nice again next week!

Check out some pictures I took on our little excursion:

Hope you enjoyed this short & sweet post. See ya on the flip side. Tchau Readers!

Peace + Love ❤





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