Review: The Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)

Hello Wanderers!

WAIT! Before you scroll, press play for some kickass 20th century/20’s background music. Did you get that? If not, press play anyway!

Here I am again with another Netflix series review. I actually really like writing these and I hope you guys enjoy reading them just as much. Anywhoooo. I found a new obsession. Yes, I started watching this last week. Yes, I am already finished with it… BUT it’s so entertaining and only 8 episodes. How perfect is that?

This show is about four women who end up working at a telephone cable company in 1920’s Madrid. Each of them go through a lot of changes & growth during these episodes and it’s great to see their character evolve.


Rating 5/5


Friendship: This was a point on my last review, but it really is the foundation of this series. I think it also has to do with how Spanish women are too. They hold friends very dear and close to them. Once you find someone that really cares you should trust them and do all you can to help them when they are in need and this show really represents that.


Independence: This show starts off telling the viewers how women were treated in the 20’s in, not only Madrid, but around the world. Being a cable girl and having a job was a way for women to have a bit of independence from their regularly controlled lives. It’s great to see how far we have come and being able to be independent. Now days, I don’t think independence is about getting a job, but much more than that.


Dance the Night Away: What I would give to go back in this time, dress up, and go to a secret speakeasy. This was an age of really letting loose and finding who you are. I always try to bring that kind of mentality to my everyday. Don’t live life too seriously. Also, just going out every once in a while and dancing my butt off is always fun!

tenor (1)

Music: When going through and watching this show you can’t help but listen to the music and tap your foot along with it. The cast is dancing and dressing as if it were the 20’s but they use modern music to livin’ it up and make the show current. Great music always draws me in more to a good movie or show and that makes me like it ever more than I already would have.


Fine Men: Wow, does this show have some great looking men to gawk at. If this is the only reason you want to watch it that’s totally fine because if I knew about this earlier I would have watched this show a lot sooner than I did. ENJOY!


If you are currently looking for a show, make sure to hop on this train to Madrid. Here is the trailer for a nice sneak peek about the show before committing two days of your life:

I am now in a state of longing for Season 2. Hope you all enjoy this show as much as I did if you end up watching it. Now, binge away!

Peace + Love ❤





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