2 Outfits UNDER 60 Pounds

Hi Wanderers,

I had a day to myself a few weeks ago, so I decided to go to the mall. I went to Westfield – Shepard’s Bush. Most people think I mean the Westfield in Stratford, but I normally go to the one in Shepard’s Bush. I like it a lot better because if you go on a week day, you will have a seriously good shopping day with light crowds and spacious areas to walk.

My main reason for going was because American Eagle was having a sale on all of their jeans. Who doesn’t need more jeans right? I already have a ton but when the sale is that good how can you pass that up? All jeans were 25 Pounds. Plus they had cheaper ones in the actual sale section.

Going with the current spring/summer trend and wanting these jeans to be staples in my wardrobe I went with some nice high-waisted vintage crops. I bought a dark wash and and a medium wash. I am in love with both of these. The dark wash is just a zipper fastening but the lighter wash is all buttons. Love that! I now live in these jeans. They go with everything and at a perfect high waist.



Total at AE = 40 pounds

Then i went to The Gap and this place is the ‘King of Basics’. I went to find a good fitted white t-shirt and then also found a cute red and white stripe t-shirt as well. There was a promotion on these for 8 pounds. Both are perfect and go with anything as well.


Total at Gap = 16 pounds

In total I spend 56 pounds on two outfits. I felt pretty good about these purchases and I will get and already have gotten so much use out of them. Can’t wait for more summer sales.

Where do you buy your basic jeans and tees? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading.

Peace + Love ❤







6 thoughts on “2 Outfits UNDER 60 Pounds

  1. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    I love the red and white striped tee, so casual and cute!!! One of my favourite places to shop is New Look, but I also love River Island, Topshop and I used to love Select but now we don’t have one in my shopping centre! X

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